56 definition by Robert Lanham, Author of Food Court Druids, Cherohonkees, and Other Creatures Unique to the Republic

Grandparents who repeatedly inform their grandchildren, and their friends about their lineage.
Genealogy Grandparents will tell the cashier at Linens 'n Things that their lineage can be traced back to Charlemagne

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bosses who overcompensate for their incompetence by imposing strict standards on their subordinates
Bosses whose forte includes seating charts and dress code standards.

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bosses who never had to work for anyone else
Napoledrones often overcompensate for their lack of experience by bragging about their private-school educations

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Retired men who communicate using gender-based jokes, wife jokes, and corny one-liners like "Working hard or hardly working?"
A Safeway Sage feels that a classic witticism like "I'm not getting old, my mirror is wrinkled" sounds fresh no matter how many times you've heard it.

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People who unexpectedly jump into a Spanish accent mid-sentence when pronouncing the word "Latino," only to finish their statement in accent-free English.
Though Jumping Beans were at one time Latino newscasters exclusively, people of any race or occupation can now be Jumping Beans.

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People who are addicted to talking on their cell phones
When ordering a cappucino at a cafe, dial drones multitask by making a call while they order

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The tech guy who is always on hand with his boredom-induced warmth and good cheer
Since the plug's job entails troubleshooting tech issues, he's often allotted extra free time when no one is having specific problems with their computers.

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