56 definition by Robert Lanham, Author of Food Court Druids, Cherohonkees, and Other Creatures Unique to the Republic

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A gay male who claims to be straight but nevertheless frequents gay clubs and bathhouses to score gay sex.
Many DLs have families and claim to be happily married.

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Gay men obsessed with achieving the perfect body.
Muscle Marys often spend hours at the gym lifting weights to secure a good physique.

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Tennis Moms live off their husbands' wealth and resent accusations that nannies don't provide adequate parental instruction.
Tennis Moms often miss out on Jimmy's games when recovering from Botox treatment

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Office buddies who corner you into being their friends
'Are you going out for lunch today?' is a favorite line of the Check-Mates

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Teenage Goths obsessed with fantasy role-playing games like Magic the Gatherer
A special breed of Goths obsessed with fantasy role-playing games like Yu-Gi-Oh! Lord of the Rings, and other games associated with orcs, dragons, and plate-mail armor wearing alligators.

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People who insist on telling you about their dreams.
A unique breed of storytellers who make the mistake of thinking the subconscious dream world of ominous attics, giant tadpoles, and naked public speaking events is interesting to anyone other than their shrink.

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People who defy the rules of breaking up.
Splinters often have knee-jerk responses to "I'm sorry, sweetie, but this isn't working anymore" and will reply with "Oh yeah, well, you're a whore"

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