1 definition by Rick who beleives we all need auotmatic weapons

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A great group who protects our 2nd amendment. You people are morons we don't have highest percent of gun related deaths,ANY country under going a revolution easily outpaces us . We also need NRA to help us gain Automatic weapons to help protect this country. We will be a much better militia with Automatic weapons. Any one who thinks it will bring more violence is wrong it would help catch the missusers, Its not like we will be handing them out like candy there will be background checks and licenses given out. If we know who has the guns we can catch the bad ones easier.

Oh yeah and to break your serio type i am from NY and i have no facial hair or a long hair on my head let alone a mullet. I also have all my teeth, live in a House, and have never been arrested.
Rosie O'Donel is a fat stupid errogant communist pig who beleives every freedom is bad for society.
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