2 definitions by Rick dearie

I know it sounds fake, but trust me, this is what the little string on a Hershey’s kiss is, it’s kinda cute to be honest
I pulled the nigglywiggly out of the kiss, I was so hungry
by Rick dearie June 18, 2020
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Aidan Murphy is the kindest, sweetest person you’ll ever meet, he’s popular amongst his friends and he probably is best friends with a girl. He’s amazing at art and is wickedly talented when it comes to drawing, he’s funny as fuck and cool for the most part, but underneath that layer of happiness is a shy, quiet, introvert that hates talking to new people and is bad at comforting them. However, we all love Aidan, he’s a charmer
Aidan Murphy listens to the birds singing and pulls his hood down further over his ears
by Rick dearie October 22, 2018
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