4 definitions by Richie De Bauchery

The act of using a search engine to find specifically what one is looking for. If the search string is vague it may require multiple attempts with various other search strings.
"It took me 15 freakin search string attempts to find the doco i saw 3 years ago!"
by Richie De Bauchery February 10, 2016
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A sexual position whereby a male lies on his back and pulls his legs back resembling a roast chicken. This position allows for greater access of the rectal region.
Hey bro my girlfriend ate my ass out last night whilst i was in the roast chicken position. It was great!
by Richie De Bauchery July 28, 2015
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A sexual act in where a woman squats over a mans face and rocks her genitalia and anus back and forth in a pirate ship ride motion.
Yo last night my missus gave me a pirate ship. Her pussy and arrrrse juices covered my face and it tasted damn good!!
by Richie De Bauchery December 29, 2011
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Another name for a womans sanitary pad for blood collection during menstruation.
"My girlfriend slaps her used pussy nappies on the toilet wall for fun the dirty bitch"


"I feasted upon the blood clotted pussy nappy and it made me spew"
by Richie De Bauchery August 12, 2016
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