17 definitions by Richard Bullard Barnes

The state you're in when you've recorded (via DVR, VHS, etc) a sporting event or tv show and wish to watch it for the first time without knowing the outcome or ending.
If your girlfriend wants to watch Top Chef and you want to watch the Lakers game, you might tape the game and go into "the bubble." During the time you're in the bubble, you must be very cautious about any incoming information (internet/phone calls/scores moving along the bottom of the screen, etc) because the goal is to watch the game "live to you" so you can enjoy the drama.

Dude, don't tell me the outcome of the Steelers game. I'm in 'the Bubble'.
by richard bullard barnes August 05, 2010
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Two (or more) intelligent people who are frequently seen together. These intelligent people may often hang out together because they find the company of others to be dull or IQ lowering. Like 'partners', but with brains.
I saw Andrew and Spencer hanging out in the quad again today. Andrew was assembling his solar powered espresso machine and Spencer was setting off vinegar and baking soda rockets. I think they're smartners.
by richard bullard barnes February 22, 2011
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A phrase used to describe a contestant or entry that is a loser, failure, or epic fail. Instead of "First Place", "Worst Place."
After the other three skateboarders rode the hand rail successfully, it was Tom's turn. He flew off the stairs and rode the rail down, but missed the landing and fell flat on his face. His buddy sarcastically remarked, "Nice Tom. You get Worst Place!"
by richard bullard barnes August 09, 2010
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A particular bum, hobo, vagrant, transient, or beggar who you've befriended or regularly donate to in your hometown.
That dude holding the "down on my luk..." sign outside the co-op is my hobo homeboy. I'm always happy to give him some change.
by richard bullard barnes October 21, 2010
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A friend(pal) who's burden(albatross) outweighs the benefits of their friendship.
A palbatross is someone who comes over and drinks your beer (but never brings any), keeps you up all night talking about their problems (but never listens to yours), or can never return a ride to the airport (despite you giving them dozens.) You wonder why they are even your friend?
by richard bullard barnes February 19, 2014
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A person who looks down upon users of emoticons in their electronic communications. Emoticists are generally learned people with a penchant for proper expression, grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
While texting with Whitney, Jason typed: " U have a great weekend 2 :) "

Upon reading the smiley face Whitney, the emoticist that she was, texted back with great derision, "L8er" and decided to cease future discussions with that loser.
by richard bullard barnes August 09, 2010
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Someone who is over paid at their job, to the point that it hurts the rest of the organization. A salary albatross.
"I can't believe the Lakers gave Kobe nearly $50 million over the next two years. He's not even playing! What a salbatross."

Other examples include a number of folks w/ corner offices, Albert Pujols, Reese Witherspoon (her films return 40 cents for every dollar she's paid), and any member of the New York Knicks 2013-14 roster.
by richard bullard barnes February 19, 2014
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