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This is when a woman decides not to shave or trim her pussy area to the point that the hair overtakes the entire area from the waist to the upper thigh, causing them to look like they have buck-wheat stashed in thier undees
This girl last night was so out of bounds, she was wearing a turtle neck and I could still see her bush!!
by Ricey Ripp November 11, 2006
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It is a high hard one. This is when you feel like you are getting royally screwed over. Can be used in replacement of "fucked over" or "getting it up the ass".
At work today I got the hi-cock when I asked about my raise.
by Ricey Ripp November 9, 2006
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To make a chilled poon sundae you must first prep. the poon with four to five ice cubes, then hold the ice cubes in the poon while you have anal intercourse with the poon owner. Continue this until the ice cubes are mostly melted then remove yourself from the anus and quickly insert it into the poon. Then finish yourself off inside the prepared poon to complete the sundae. Next you pour the sundae from the poon to a 8 ounce glass and give to the poon owner to taste test. Only serve chilled!!
I made a chilled poon sundae last night and she said it was wonderful.
by Ricey Ripp November 9, 2006
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A true lover of the crack. This is one who either likes crack rock or ass crack. This person can easily be identified by a look of total confusion, and either drool or spooge running down their chin.
Geez, that girl Chuck's doin' is so disgusting I'd sooner scrog a porcupine. He's a real crack jockey.
by Ricey Ripp October 5, 2006
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This is when you get a real ass chewing by your boss
I was late to work today so my boss gave me a real cock sandwich!!
by Ricey Ripp November 9, 2006
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A person who submits a stupid ass definition to urban dictionary and expects the editors to just approve it because they sent it.
by Ricey Ripp November 4, 2006
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This is the true wingman. The friend in your group who does not discriminate against anyone of the oppisite sex. They will hook up with the fugliest of fugly. The next day when you talk to them, after going out, they never talk about themselves they only want to make sure you hooked up! You can use " DNDF" to shorten it up.
Joe will help you hook up, he is our designated non-discriminatory friend. Last night, he hit a whale just so I could get with her friend! He is a true DNDF!!
by Ricey Ripp November 4, 2006
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