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Alena is a shy at first kinda person, but when you get to know her, she becomes this goofy fun ball of laughter and amazement. She likes to make people smile and she has a big heart. But be careful, if you even think about hurting one of her friends, she turns so fierce that you'd better pray lol...just pray. Loyalty is her middle name, and she tries to keep a brave face even when her own life is falling apart. Keep an Alena in your life, they are a rare gem.
Boy#1: Dang, who's that?
Boy#2: Oh, her? That's Alena.
Boy#1: She's thick ;)
Boy#2: Pfft... Alena is more than just good looking on the outside, she's got a great personality and a good soul. *blushes*
by Redsept14 March 24, 2019

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