3 definitions by Rbuds

Julia is one of the most amazing people you will meet. But she loves to suck homeless people off for magic beans.
Him : I met Julia for the first time.

Friend : how'd it go

Him : it went great but she ran off after this hobo screaming somthing about magic beans.
by Rbuds September 13, 2017
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While having sexual intercourse "doggie style" over a toilet him/her shoves the others head in toilet.
dave: yo you muck that bitch last night ?

Kyle: aww ya bro! gave that slut a bog wash, nearly drown that bitch
by Rbuds August 24, 2017
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A phsycotic hippy that is also a ninfo.
Man I totes seen an ulia j today, she sucked my dick for magic beans!
by Rbuds August 24, 2017
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