23 definitions by Raul (comes out at night)

A French Canadian CFL quarterback for the Montreal Aloutettes. He is a devout believer in Jesus Christ and prays his derrèirre off for 4th quarter miracles against the Saskatchewan Roughriders.
Jacques: "Sacrableu Tim Thibeault has dun it again Francois"!

Francois: "Zoot alors Jacques da Lord is on our side".
by Raul (comes out at night) December 26, 2011
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When you haven't seen your woman in so long that you bust such a major cum flood all over her that she needs a breathing apparatus.
Also, you should make sure she has a lifejacket as she will probably be swimming in a few months worth of jizz when you bust a nut... At least give the girl a jizz snorkel.
by Raul (comes out at night) May 01, 2009
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A fart that sounds like the shofar blown during the jewish high holidays in a synagogue.
Moshe blew a really loud shofart at Rosh Hashanah and the whole congregation laughed, especially Isaac and Ephram but not Rabbi Goldstein.
by Raul (comes out at night) September 13, 2013
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A blumpkin performed on a kybo.
At the campsite in Killarney, JZ left to go drop a deuce in the kybo and Wvy mysteriously disappeared shortly thereafter. It was obvious to the rest of the crew that a klumpkin was almost certainly being delivered.
by Raul (comes out at night) August 31, 2012
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A fancy name for being rejected for a job opportunity based upon the employer's excuse that "times are tough and they're just not able to hire anyone at the moment".
Despite posting record profits in the previous fiscal quarter, the major pharmaceutical company declined four dozen people at job interviews and gave them all an economic turndown.
by Raul (comes out at night) January 28, 2012
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Another name for a food barrel, an animal-proof container used by people who go camping deep into the woods for days at a time. During hot weather it can render some perishable food items malodorous with a nasty shade of blueish-green.
Upon reaching the campsite on Day 5, Eric didn't mind digging deep into the algonquin slow cooker to get an opened pack of hot dogs buried at the bottom.
by Raul (comes out at night) January 11, 2012
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The sudden and anxious sense of uncertainty that overcomes a person after eating McDonalds. Is typically a mishmash of dizziness/nausea/regret and worry of explosively shitting oneself.
Approximately 15 minutes after devouring the delicious Big Mac meal and side order of McNuggets, Josh felt a wave of the McFeeling come over him and had to sit down until it passed.
by Raul (comes out at night) January 06, 2012
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