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"Hafla" pronounced from the Arabic "Khafla" (soft "a" in the word) is a "get-together" ,party,ceremony for a family gathering,clan,religious ceremony which may have an intimate number of friends or many people invited. For instance an Arab Muslim man can do the Commandment of circumscision for his son in a small group, or honour it with a "hafla" (Khaflah).
It is an Arabic word, though the majority of Arabs are Muslims and some Christians, at a Muslim Khaflah you would not find alcoholic drinks. There might be similar smokeable items which are on hand. There might be Belly-Dancing for entertainment, much food for sure,music,dancing , hookah smoking (nargila-waterpipe).
"Yalla Khabibi, (come dear friend), you are invited to our Hafla right after the evening prayers."
by Ras Majnouni September 23, 2009

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