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Short for therianthrope. Generally used so you don't have to type out the aforementioned long word.
I am a feline therian, and my specific phenotype is leopard.
by Quil | absurdism.org July 6, 2004
"Otherkin" is not a proper noun, although it is sometimes capitalised.

An otherkin is a person in a human body who either:

A) Believes that, mentally and/or "spiritually," they are not human;

B) Believes that, in a past life, they were not physically human;

C) Believes that they are a human vampire who needs a supply of energy to remain healthy.
My friend is an otherkin.

Many UrbanDictionary users hate otherkin.

Examples of otherkin are therianthropes, psi vampires, sanguinarians, Elenari, and angelkin.
by Quil | absurdism.org June 19, 2005
A human being who feels that their soul/mindset is not that of a human, but that of an animal. Also referred to as transspecies, animal people, therians, weres. We have some human instinct and thoughts, and some animal ones. The word for the condition of being a therianthrope is 'therianthropy.'
I am a leopard therianthrope, and my site is about therianthropy.
by Quil | absurdism.org July 6, 2004
The individual identification of a person's gender, as defined by that person. Usually used in reference to transgender, genderqueer, or transsexual people -- people whose gender identities differ from their physical sex.
Jack is cisgender, and his gender identity is male. He's got a penis and XY chromosomes.

Jay has been really confused about her gender identity lately; she thinks maybe she's an androgyne, but she's not certain.

Jane is a transsexual woman, so her gender identity is pretty solidly feminine.
by Quil | absurdism.org April 22, 2007