3 definitions by Q Baby

mini van is when a person gives a female two fingers in the front and five in the back. Just like a mini van, two seats up front and five in the back.
I went to a party last night and this girl wanted me to finger her. I asked her if she would want a mini van. She didn't know what it was so I gave her one. She seemed ready for the two up front, but the five in the back caught her off gaurd. She must be used to only corvettes.
by Q Baby March 30, 2008
A term used for a girls ass that keeps jiggling after she stopps making it clap.
Damn that bitch got some laffy taffy!
by Q Baby February 1, 2008
Bathroom exercises are the routine masterbation exercises you must do while taking natural male enhancement. In order for natural male enhancement to work to its full potential, masterbation is key for lenghtening,strengthening, and making dick growth permanent.
-"Why can't you go into your dorm room from six to seven?"
-"My roomate is doing his bathroom exercises again. He's so sick, If I sit on a sperm covered toilet again, I'm gonna be pissed!"
by Q Baby February 28, 2008