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A word used commonly by girls, ranging in the age groups of 13-16 and Drake. It's origins came from a Jew named Drake. In his song "The Motto" he says "You only like once that's the motto n!gga YOLO" It's the 2012 version of swagbecause according to hippy posers, it's too mainstream. Yolo means "You only live once" but is usually used for girls doing the duck face or doing weird shit.
Dude: *sees picture on Facebook"
Dude: Fuck you.
by Pseudonyms Suck December 31, 2013
These people are either real fans or fake fans.

A real fan usually has been a fan for a long time, and likes other bands similar to them such as P!ATD, Green Day, My Chemical Romance, etc. and likes songs other than songs from the Save Rock and Roll album.

A fake fan usually is a fan of mainstream/pop music and discovered Fall Out Boy from the radio, when it played "My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em' Up). That is basically the only song they know. They label the band as emo, even though they are clearly not.
Fall Out Boy Fan:

Fake Fan: <3 omgggg I luv da Fall Out Boys! Light Em' Up is my fav songgg!!! Oh and I think his name is Pete Stump but he is rally hoooottttt <3333 I am like sooo über emoooo!!! lol I'm so hardcoreeee ^_^

Real Fan: I fucking love Fall Out Boy. Joe is my favorite because of his cool Afro! From Under The Cork Tree is such a cool album, but Save Rock and Roll was ok, I was expecting more tho. I miss Patrick's sideburns and Pete's guy liner +_+. And if you label them as emo, you die.
by Pseudonyms Suck May 24, 2013