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A person who does well at everything without even trying i.e. someone who's really irratating
" Percival got full marks on the test even though he only took five minutes - he's such a saxonist"
by Pseudo1702 July 06, 2018
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A dance named after a British maths teacher, occasionally used to show happiness or joy, but more often ironically. It is typically accompanied by Crab Rave. The dance consists of a person repeatedly making the shape of a cubic, then negative cubic line with their arms.
Deaf person:*goes to see film*
Film:*has no subtitles*
Deaf person:*hebdances eternally*
by Pseudo1702 April 19, 2019
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Bob Dylan did not write folk music.
Folk music originates from old celtic countries.

Folk music can be an air, a jig, a reel, a hornpipe or several other formats.

Folk music can be played on the fiddle, whistle, flute, concertina, accordion, harp, guitar, bodhran, cajon or sung.
Folk music is played by Zoe Conway, Donal Lunny, The Bothy Band, The Dubliners , Plant & Kate Rusby.
by Pseudo1702 July 13, 2018
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