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For the hell of it, what harm would it do, we might even benefit from it. I believe originated from military-speak.
"For grins and giggles, let's click on this icon and see where it take us."

"Hey, we've got some extra time...why don't you turn down that road for grins and giggles and see where it leaves"
by Prof XXX January 1, 2004
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A lone hair that protrudes from one of your nostrils.

Occurs on men who don't keep their nose hairs trimmed. May be more evident right after said man blows his nose.
"I blew my nose this morning and, apparently, I've been walking around all day with a long nosestache"
by Prof XXX January 1, 2004
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Something that does not fit in with a group, database, or situation.

Something that doesn't make sense.
"This spreadsheet is out-of-whack. Those entries don't make sense and don't belong there"

"There's something out-of-whack 'bout the people at this party...I'm outta here"
by Prof XXX January 1, 2004
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shorter word for "fuckin' insane". Applies primarily to ex-significant others who just can't let go
"My finsane ex-girlfriend e-mailed naked pictures of me to all my coworkers"
by Prof XXX January 1, 2004
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