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The state of being where you are in all senses of the word, a pack mule. Generally, and LIT cleans toilets, throw up, and sets any form of dining hall. An LIT knows to run everywhere- even if you're bleeding profusely or can't breathe. (Suck it up!). LITs become very hard workers, very exhausted, and SMELL terrible (nick name: Smellies, SmelLITs). A moddo of the LIT program is "You'll have time to sleep when you're dead." IF you enjoy sleeping, showering, or general good health, don't be an LIT. If you don't like doing what no one else wants to do, don't be an LIT. But if you want to be a great counselor at camp, get ready for LIT.
Counselor 1: "We have a code brown in the toilet."
Counselor 2: "How bad is it?"
Counselor 1: "Gross. I wouldn't go in there if I were you. It's overflowing and everything."
Counselor 2: "Go get the Leader In Training (LIT)."
by Pleasesir,canIhavesomesleep? June 29, 2010

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