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Silas's are usually blond or brown haired and are good at soccer. They are super stubborn and really hate to lose, they can enter rage mode if they are provoked to. Silas's can be great friends and can always be there for you but they are almost always late for everything, so if you need help plan on waiting for a while. They are super funny and have a great sense of direction in life. Silas's are good to have around
Girl: Hey, I just met this great guy at school. Mother: Is he blond? Girl: Almost white hair. Mother: Thats a Silas right there Girl: How did you know?
by Pizza party November 11, 2019

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A saying that is said when someone is too scared to shit themselves.
"BOO!" Ah damn, I was so scared I Kshirajed myself .
by Pizza party November 10, 2019

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