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If you are to have a large evening that consists of consuming ridiculous amounts of either alcohol or illegal substances you are bound to end up pear shaped.When your mind and internal organs are not functioning as they should do,due to mind altering substance use, you are pear shaped.
"Gee whiz,last night was a fuckn corka!Tell ya what,I'm gonna be fuckn PEAR SHAPED tomorrow!!YEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!"
by Philthy Phil October 24, 2006
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This term can be used for many actions.The tribesmen of the Sorrento,Padbury,Glengarry,Duncraig regions of Perth, Western Australia though use the term "MUNG" mainly for the action of consuming foods and the action of doing basically fuck all.
Example 1 "I am so friggen hungry...See that half chewed mars bar stuck to that homeless dudes foot? I could fuckn MUNG that!!"
Example 2 "That mars bar was bloody good!What do you wanna do now,just MUNG?"
by Philthy Phil October 24, 2006
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To have a large night(or day for that matter)and end up at the end rather fucked up and in a bad way.See PEAR SHAPED.
"After Oktoberfest I'm gonna be bloody well GASHTOONKANAD!"Phil said to his pals as he looked out the window of the van driving through the swiss alps.Suddenly he added "FUCKN YEEEEAAA!!!!!"
by Philthy Phil October 24, 2006
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