8 definitions by Peter Smith

Adj - Extremely tired, in pain from physical exertion.
"Man, can you grab me a drink? I just ran all the way here, and man, am I dead."
by Peter Smith September 20, 2004
Halifax specific term, comes from arcade culture. Used to claim that some failure you made is not your fault, but instead can be attributed to your own state of fatigue coming from playing too much DDR. (Especially if you actually did attempt Healing Vision.)

Is not an excuse for a poor sense of direction.
"Dude, why are you so dead today?"
"I blame healing vision."
"Oh, well then."
by Peter Smith September 20, 2004
Humorous exclamation said to interrupt someone leading a conversation down a very stupid line. Usually said in a dopey tone of voice.

It's supposed to represent a serious error on the part of a hypothetical pilot - they are crashing the plane right into the ground.
"So, why don't you call your dad or -"
"WHOOP WHOOP PULL UP, yo. My dad's dead."
"Oh. Sorry, man."
by Peter Smith September 20, 2004
A chatters synomyn for gay. Often used derogatorily to defame a person, thing, or event. Of or like a Homosexual.
That show was ghey. Jason is ghey.
by Peter Smith October 4, 2002
Essentially synonymous with girlfriend. Used because its not age specific, sounds slightly classier.
"So, how's your ladyfriend been doing, Frank?"
"Oh, Sarah is fine."
by Peter Smith September 20, 2004
When someone doesn't look at another's point of view.
I think you should apologise to me (even though I've deeply hurt you).
by Peter Smith September 15, 2003
An exclamation of joy or satisfaction. Alternative spelling 'monkeybosch'
'arf an ounce for firty quid, monkeybosch!
by Peter Smith October 19, 2003