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A prank that entails taking a dump in the toilet tank, as opposed to the toilet bowl. When executing a stadium shit, it appears as though you are seated on a bleacher at a stadium, hence the name.

This prank is usually performed at the residence of one that you dislike.

The result of this prank is that no matter how many times the toilet is flushed, there's still going to be shit in it.
To get even with my boss for stiffing me for a raise, I took a stadium shit at his house when he invited everyone over for Christmas.
by Peter Paul Gualtieri February 11, 2009

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The act picking up a fat chick(s) at a bar, bringing her to a place like IHOP, Carrow's or Denny's for some post-drinking food, running up a huge tab, then ditching the fatty with the bill.

This is similar to hogging, but with the added bonus of having some free food, courtesy of the fat chick.
We bagged us a couple of 250 pound fat chicks on the elephant hunt this past weekend.
by Peter Paul Gualtieri April 01, 2009

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What they call Rodney King in Mexico.
Como se dice 'Rodney King' en Español?

by Peter Paul Gualtieri October 22, 2009

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A term referring to an individual's hands. Typically used pejoratively.
Get your rat claws off of my tools, you bastard!
by Peter Paul Gualtieri March 27, 2009

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