3 definitions by Peter Auteur

Agreeing to anything someone from another country tells you, no matter how far fetched it may seem, lest you be revealed as ignorant and insensitive.
"Marie Kondo says we should thank all our crap before we throw it away. It kind of sounds like she just made that shit up, but let's just practice a little Cultural Suspension of Disbelief. That must be how they do things in Japan."
by Peter Auteur January 10, 2019
"You're Uncle Bob spends an awful lot of time in his cabin. Is he some sort of Unabomber?"
"Oh, no. He's a writer...so, actually, I guess he sort of is."
by Peter Auteur December 8, 2018
Forcing oneself to watch only one episode of a Netflix series per week, as if it were on normal-ass tv. The opposite of binge-watching.
"What did you think of the new season of Stranger Things?"
"I'm only on episode two, so don't spoil it. I'm restraint-watching that shit."
by Peter Auteur December 8, 2018