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Greast musical ever created. Stars John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd, and also has a slew of guest stars: Aretha Franklin, James Brown, and ray charles are just a few. This movie depicts two brothers, Jake and elwood, trying to raise enough money for an orphanage to stay up and running by reuniting an old blues band. The brothers Run into the law, Nazis, and disgruntled Country Singers. These two will stop at nothing to accomplish their task, after all "they're on a mission from God".
Dude, "The Blues Brothers" has got to be Dan Aykroyd's best movie ever, even though he does not have alot of great films anyway.
by Pete De La Rocha September 08, 2005

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The Greatest Irish themed band ever. Their original songs are as bad ass as the covers. For instance their live version of skinhead breaks off and suddenly goes into "T.N.T" by ac/dc.
Dude I went to the waprped tour and got on stage with the Dropkick Murphys during "Barroom Hero" (thats no joke)
by Pete De La Rocha September 03, 2005

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When smoking a cig., you take drags really fast so that the remaining ashes on the cig makes a point similar to an arrowhead.
Dude, i heard my mom coming down the driveway so i took my drags so fast that my cig had an arrowhead 2 inches long.
by Pete De La Rocha November 15, 2005

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