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Avé is an insecure person who only wants to make you happy or kill you with words. She is usually a tomboy and will kick your ass if there wasn’t any rules. She is really insecure and will do anything for her friends. She likes being rough and rowdy and playfully teasing boys. If your friends with her there is a lot you don’t know about her. She hides her feelings because she doesn’t want any of her friends getting caught up in her spiderweb of problems. Avé isn’t the kindest person, and she’s very shy. If you get on her wrong side or mess with her family she hates you. Avé is also a weird and quirky person once you get to know her, if she has a bad first impression she usually will uncomfortably stick with it. Avé is pretty popular and amazing. She might be one of the prettiest people you know, but who knows?
Rude girl: “pfft. Avé is such a dork” *Avé heard her*
Avé: “says you”
by Peoples name November 14, 2019

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