2 definitions by Pencil Vester

A bunch of annoying people that get spammed by notifications because they somehow make some shit up on the top of their heads to spam
I want to purge graypee waypees
by Pencil Vester October 06, 2020
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1.Hi Jimmy's Mom I wrote another song for you, I hope you like it.

2. A second name for a god awful place known as graypee waypees, consists of annoying motherfuckers who just want attention. However, there are some good out of the bunch.

3.Jimmy's Mom / graypee waypees is a place where a load of stupid arguments take place.
>> uhhh did you see what happened on Jimmys Mom last night?

<< Jimmy's Mom from Jimmy Neutron is a MILF
by Pencil Vester January 30, 2021
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