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Deep heartfelt words of union, spoken in bed. Sometimes nonsensical in the practical world but making perfect sense to the partners at this moment.
Three examples of pillow talk; "What the you did like, look like this when.....i remember when that got me way back then, when you really got me, the only place i wanna be." "you know i can't help it, when you look like this." " You're perfect with the way you are. The way you were at the party, the way you looked in that dress, I loved you so much." No, i never said this. i don't remember what i said. )
by Paul? could be. February 18, 2017
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When a woman sits back on her heels with knees spread apart on the floor. Especially when she has a dress or skirt on which flies out in front of her.
One example, but not a good one is Taylor Swift's debut album cover. A better example is Donna Summer's album cover, I Feel love. In Taylor Swift's pose her knees are not as far apart as is usually defined as the butterfly position. Donna Summer poses with knees wide apart but is not sitting on her heels. Both are still variations of the butterfly position.
by Paul? could be. June 5, 2019
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