35 definitions by Paul Thundergod

Blaming your own fucked up actions on unrelated external factors. Basically, a complete bullshit excuse for doing something really fucked up. Taken from a famous court case where an accused murderer blamed his actions on a sugar high he got from eating too many Twinkies.
What do you mean? You only fucked that sheep because the moonlight made you horny? Fuck! That's a twinkie defense if I ever heard one, sheepfucker!
by Paul Thundergod June 24, 2003
a really hairy back and chest on a man; some men shave off their man sweaters
I don't take off my shirt in public because of my man sweater!
by Paul Thundergod July 9, 2003
the dude in high school who used to smoke way too much pot and eat way too much Taco Bell
And now they call him Governor!
by Paul Thundergod April 22, 2004
The facial expression(s) one makes while performing sexual acts.
Last night, my woman and I videotaped sex. I make the most fucked up fuck faces!
by Paul Thundergod June 27, 2003
A phrase used to describe a man with a large, equine-like penis.
Damn! You're, hung like a horse!
by Paul Thundergod July 3, 2003
a large board on the side of a road used to advertise products or services on; signs are usually glued on in pieces
by Paul Thundergod July 3, 2003
a funny-sounding made-up name like Heywod Jablome
My proctologist's name is Dr. Seymour Butts!
by Paul Thundergod July 21, 2003