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Power sex is hard, rough sex. It's when a guy drills the hell out of a woman (or a man) using powerful thrusts of his penis like a jackhammer.
by Patricia Jenkins September 25, 2018
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What the human race is and what it represents and stands for and will always represent and stand for. Human beings are endlessly looking for a group/individual to categorise as “trash” as a means of having to avoid self-reflection.

Human beings create fashion, “ways of being”, “manners”, idioms, create groups, and create communities and associate superficial cleanliness with not being trash, but the only human being that isn’t trash is the human being that has never existed.

Sure, there can be an evolution (something a good number of human beings don’t even believe in because they’re TRASH) within the human race that would bring about a “superior” being, but the superior being wouldn’t be evil and that’s why it would be superior. The superior being would be extremely smart and just like all diseases, leachates, and cancers (what human beings are) it would find a way to destroy and corrode it.

As far as we’ve seen, this has never happened. All we’ve experienced are a bunch of fake people ACTING like they’re superior beings. They aren’t superior. Human beings are all trash. Every single one of them.
“All men are trash
“These people are trash
by Patricia Jenkins July 07, 2019
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Usually happens when people treat you like absolute shit for far too long and when you can’t take it anymore.
Homophobe: “Dude, what?! You should kill yourself, faggot. You have no game. No one likes you... and you confuse straight men for gay men all because they’re staring at you and blushing when they get caught looking at you.”
Gay man: *shoots himself in the head after hearing this word/insult for the 100,000th time in his life — he’s only been alive for 8,979 days. He’s tired.*

Other options: overdosing (can be painful), cutting oneself too death (will be extremely painful), jumping off a skyscraper/bridge (will be very frightening and you can potentially regret the decision on the way down, but that might not be the truth considering how much pain is in this world), hanging oneself (it hurts a lot for a few seconds, but you’ll lose consciousness for a few minutes after your neck snaps), driving a car off of a cliff/into a lake/hard ground or smashing it into a wall (it could potentially leave you paralysed for the rest of your life and might make it harder for you to commit suicide), euthanasia (painless; illegal in most of the United States), gunshot wound to the head (probably the most painless and gruesome to leave behind for the abusers that pushed you to that point... they’ll probably just laugh at your corpse in the same way they laughed at you during their sadistic/selfish/hedonistic pursuits).
by Patricia Jenkins September 24, 2018
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A place where censorship-adoring goons gather from all around the world to create a base for the propagation of their own agendas. A place where psychological warfare is plotted and planned. A place where being black is stupid (just like anywhere else in this white supremacist planet). A place where being “poor” means that you’ll be easily taken advantage of (just like anywhere else in this sleazy planet). A place where executives delete profiles and shadowban random people all over the world that are spreading the truth about corruptions (UNLESS it benefits them).
“Oh my god! My account was just banned for the 30th time this year for speaking out against corruption on the internet and around the world!”

“Silicon Valley is NOTHING, but a congregation of corrupt people that group up with governments around the world to manipulate the masses!”

“Silicon Valley considers itself the MANIPULATOR of humanity! So much for all of this freedom that America stands for!”

“Oh my god. I keep getting shadowbanned so that people can’t see my profile.”

“Jesus Christ. I just got my account permanently banned for using my freedom of speech!”

“Why does this 13-year-old child have 60 million followers for doing nothing, but disrespecting her mother on national television, but 41,000,000 Americans are struggling to get food on their tables?”

“They keep manipulating the media through social media!”

“All they care about is entertainment and gossip and not quality of life.”

“They hate humanity unless it’s their small circle of friends.”

“They hate freedom of speech and have been hating it for centuries.”
by Patricia Jenkins April 07, 2018
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“Why is it that heterosexuals endlessly mistreat homosexuals when heterosexuals are the ones giving birth to the future serial killers of the world? They’re always humiliating homosexuals without ever pulling out the mirror and pondering for a very long time (something many homosexuals do when they go through their existential crisis after dealing with so much homophobia). Heterosexuals are going to pay for their evil. They try to lessen someone’s righteous anger by yelling cheap/overused statements like, ‘We love you!’ — heterosexuals don’t love anybody, but themselves. These are superficial words and they don’t prove their love. Their definition of love is forcing someone to be straight... but the moment a gay man hits on a straight man, ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE and people act like Mother Teresa crawled out of her grave with an AK-47 to kill everyone in sight because she realised that she wasted TOO MUCH TIME on a sadistic human race that never changes... BECAUSE OF HETEROSEXUALS.”
by Patricia Jenkins September 25, 2018
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