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A physician (medical doctor or doctor of osteopathy) with advanced training in perioperative medicine and airway management who provides pre-operative management, intraoperative anesthesia, and post-operative care for surgical patients. Anesthesiologists are also trained in acute and chronic pain management as well as critical care, often attending to ICU management. Like other professions, anesthesiologists sometimes utilize extenders such as Anesthesiology Assistants (AAs) or nurse anesthetists in a care team to assist in intraoperative care of patients. Anesthesiologists are the champions of patient safety and well being not only in the operating room, but in other patient care settings as well.
My anesthesiologist is my favorite doctor; they kept me safe and comfortable during my operation AND made sure I was medically cleared for surgery and attended to my acute pain after my procedure.
by Patient Safety March 02, 2018

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