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Commonly abbreviated CLC, the Coors Light Challenge is the act of purchasing multiple flats of Coors Light and determining the amount required for inebriation, leading to bouts of drunken laughter, bad "mistakes" with your best guy friends and "accidentally" copping a feel of your best girl friends. Many attempt the CLC, but few actually complete it, as it takes so many of these "beers" to get drunk, the participant dies of hyperaquaitis, a condition that describes too much water in one's body.
Bro 1: Bro, do you wanna pick up a couple of flats and do the CLC this weekend?
Bro 2: Oh you know it, I'll hit those up like Brose Canseco
Bro 1: Let's make out.

Hot chick: Can you believe those guys are doing the Coors Light Challenge? They're sooooooo brave.
Slightly less hot chick: Like oh my God I know!! I just want them to do things to me, like right now.
by Pat Bro'Neil June 12, 2010
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