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Some one who tries to be what they are not. And not matter how much some peeps want to deny it, you can be a poseur prep as well.

Also, in my opinion, you are a poseur if you won’t hang out or talk to someone because they don’t look/act like you. Yup, even if you know a lot about a certain group, you can be a poseur.

Just because you don’t remember a song title doesn’t mean you’re a poseur. I forget sometimes. And I admit it. But anyone can know the name of a song, but not know the music. It’s sad that I am considered a poseur because I don’t care about song names. And, you can like a song but not like a band. I like Girlfriend (by Avril Lavign) but I don’t like her.

Also, calling some one a poseur doesn’t make you a poseur. My dad calls people poseurs, especially when they try to be punk. (BTW peeps…punk isn’t about the way you dress…its about the music, it’s the way you think…its who you are.)

And why is it because you buy something that you don’t know how to use or w/e makes you a poseur? My friends bought himself a skate and then taught himself how to skate. Does that mean he’s a wannabe skater? No, it doesn’t. it means he wanted to learn to do something and he needed the skate to learn. Also, Myspace. Just because someone gets a myspace doesnt mean they are a poseur. Myspace is good for communication and helps keep you in contact with old friends.

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wearing converse doesnt make me punk
wearing mini skirts doesnt make me a prep
wearing skinny jeans and bows doesnt make me scene
chains don't make me gansta
eyeliner doesnt make me goth
black doesnt make me emo
dance doesnt make me a jock or weak
crying doesnt mean i'm sad
liking disney doesnt make me immature
make-up and low cut shirts dont make me a slut
just because i dont like milk, eggs and cheese doesnt mean i'm vegan

but all those things together makes me me. so what if one day i wanna walk around in vans and jeans one day and heels and a dress the next. so what if i like to mix things up a little. and so what if i want to dance and wear tutu's. thats just how i roll. but it doesn't make me a poseur. yes you COULD call me punk. maybe even scene. but the truth is, i'm just being me.
by Page Vogue April 08, 2007

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