2 definitions by Ozwald Spatchcock

Cheifly British: the fishy odour associated with unwashed genitalia, usually female, although the male member is arguably a closer match to the whiff of a popular packet snack sold in the UK.

Marketers became aware of this lewd association amongst teenagers and produced a viral video depicting a young man inviting his friends to sniff his fingers as 'proof' that he had been intimate with a girl at a party (although the viewer sees that he has simply been tucking into a packet of Scampi Fries). Mmmm, fish.
I reckon licking the fat one out'd be like snogging a sasquatch with a penchant for Scampi Fries.
by Ozwald Spatchcock February 5, 2009
Dry or semi-dry vaginal discharge often found in the gusset of women's underwear. Usually a yellow-white color with a similar texture to mashed banana. See Gusset Fudge.
While all alone, John went down his friend's sister's laundry for her soiled grundies, delighted to find some fresh banana mush.
by Ozwald Spatchcock February 4, 2009