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A girl who listens to indie music, folk, or alternative. usually have long wavy or straight hair, and wears dresses and ballet flats from vintage stores. Indie girls might have a tons of owl,birds, or fish accesories. Usually are free with their mind and are really happy, and some but not all are artistic and into photography with Holga cameras, fish-eyes, or any type of polaroid. shops at Urban Outfitters, American Apperal, and other thrift stores you've never heard of.

Usually loves coffee or tea shops and plays the acoustic guitar every Live Mic Nights.
Thing 1: "Who's that girl, over there in the corner taking pictures?"
Thing 2: " which one?"
Thing 1: "you know that girl over there, the one in the vintage dress, and curly hair, with Toms."
Thing 2: "oh her, that's Fiona Apple. She's new she's a Indie Girl that just transfered here, she's really pretty."
Thing 1: " oh i never met her... but she seems cool."
by Owl Owl Eyes! May 05, 2010
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