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Noun: A viscous whitish secretion of the male reproductive organ, known as semen. However, it is discribed as "premium" to denote that it is the first ejaculation in a long while. Implying that the semen has been stored away for someone, or something special.
"God damn! i'd wreck that chick, puncture holes and top her up with premium white"
by Otto McGuire July 30, 2006

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noun: When a man holds a woman's legs apart from behind to present it to another for the purpose of sexual intercourse or rape. Usually whilst the man is kneeling down, but has been known to be accomplished while standing upright. This requires stength and greater technique.

Origin: This maneuver has been made popular by its continual reference in Japanese pornography
"I'd like to put her in a Yakuza grapple"

"She can still move, your Yakuza grapple technique has not yet been perfected"
by Otto McGuire July 30, 2006

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