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Originally non-offensive - most use being proffesional in the medical career - meaning born to parents who are either not together or un-married.

Although it is now used offensively by anyone, who does not neccessarily know the background of someones parentage, and is just taking the piss.
"You trod on my foot you bastard!"
by Ollie Ford May 08, 2008

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Rhyming slang - Butchers hook, meaning look
Here let's have a butchers at that! (notso commonly - 'Here let's have a butchers hook at that!)
by Ollie Ford May 08, 2008

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I'll be seeing ya
A by sinn ia

Mostly northern UK use but more recently in the south as well.
Tony: Anyways I is gotta go mate
Adam: No biggie
Tony: Ite, abysinnia
Adam: Yeah, later mate
by Ollie Ford May 08, 2008

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Originally from Ali G, it is literally Hear me now slurred together:
Hear Me Now
Ear Me Naw


Recieved Pronounciation:
Excuse oneself, one would like to be heard
Tony: Earmenaw bredrin;
Steve: Whats on your mind?
Tony: Me been tinkin yall:
Steve: Me wallets nervous dawg!
by Ollie Ford May 10, 2008

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1) When someone is online on MSN but has selected "Appear Offline" As their status, so that they talk to only who they choose

2) When someone is deliberatly ignoring you, ie they look at you, you say Hi, and they turn away again and walk off.
1) Tommy364 says:
Oh Hey Jane!!
dw, I'm just appearing!!

2) Susan: Agh, flipping Jackie was appearing to me all last class!!
Jade: No way!! She didn't say anything at all?!
by Ollie Ford September 15, 2008

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