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This man is one of a kind. Not only is he a serial cheater, but he will do so in the most cunning of ways. You find a hair that's not yours in the shower, he'll tell you it came off a towel. He constantly talks about his previous sexual encounters. Wears tight Ed Hardy shirts which apparently makes him feel cooler. Has a demeaning job, that pays not near enough. He plays Rock Band for a minimum of 4 hours a day and has more then six game guitars to show for it. He puts deodorant on his balls to keep them from sweating. Lives his life in the past as a glorified "MMA" fighter; or so he claims. Basically he lost one fight and was such a sore loser he could never go back out in the Octagon. He is a self proclaimed intelligent man, however most could walk circles around his bad vocabulary and naive ideas about the world. He pretneds to be an up-standing citizen but if one were to look just a bit closer they'd find something severely wrong with this disgustingly immature man. Basically he's the Devil, and deserves to loose a limb.
Seth Pringle "Hey I'm a great guy with mommy issues, wanna date me?"

Smart Girl "I'd rather chew my own arm off, but thanks"

Dumb Girl "Sure, I'd love to get an STD!"
by Olive Juice From A Broken Duck February 10, 2010

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