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That period of time for teachers that is simply known as 'summer' to the general populace.

It refers to the fact that during the summer months, teachers "don't have to work today or tomorrow." Thus, making every day a Saturday.
Joe Plumber: "sorry man, I can't come out tonight. I gotta work tomorrow."

Frank the Teacher: "you're working in a Saturday?"

Joe Plumber: "tomorrow's Tuesday!"

Frank the Teacher: "huh, feels like a Saturday ..."

Joe Plumber: "damn Perpetual Saturdays ..."
by Ol Grimey August 29, 2013
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When you do something embarrassing during a drug or alcohol fuelled runaway, all responsibility for such acts can be erased by simply saying 'allegedly' when talking about it afterwards.
Frank: "Jeez Pat, you must've been wasted last night - you pissed in Rob's suitcase!"

Pat: "Allegedly pissed in his suitcase ..."

Frank: "Ahhhhhh Pat, you crazy! We all saw you do it but, you know, allegedly ..."
by Ol Grimey December 4, 2014
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When you make plans with a small group of friends to have a board game night, cocktails, etc, only to have them all bail within an hour of the start-time. It's typical of the Vancouver social scene, which ensures people don't develop deep connections.
"Hey man, sorry I can't make your party tonight. Got something else going on."

"C'mon man, you RSVP'd two weeks ago. If you don't come, I'm gonna Get Vancouvered by everyone!
by Ol Grimey April 11, 2016
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When your kids are being total dickheads and you say you're heading to the store to pick up a few things, but really that's your way out of this hellish kid-filled life.
"We ruined dad's box of vintage Playboys so he said he was just going to the store for smokes and milk. That was 18 years ago. And come to think of it, he didn't even smoke!"
by Ol Grimey January 2, 2018
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