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Dog's Dick is a word mostly used to describe someone who is useless, It can also be used as a way of offending and verbaly abusing people very deeply but without saying any of the incredibly harsh words such as Cunts or Fuckers.

Although Dog's Dick doesnt really sound offensive,the user and certainly the recipient will understand its direct and degrading nature.
Fred - "Dave can u pick me up from the bus-station? Andys forgot to get me!"

Dave-"haha, ok pal...ill be there in ten,cant believe he forgot you"

Fred -"He fucks me off sumtimes,hes such a fucking Dog's Dick"
by Oh Gav! May 13, 2009

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The BD, aka The Ben Drain, Is a fingering technique invented over 7 years ago by Archbishops School pupil Ben Drane... Altho questioned by many of his friends to be a fake and improper way to pleasure a woman, The BD has remained close to many boys hearts and some have even taken the technique into Adulthood.

The correct procedure for a BD is.

1 - Fold your 2nd and 3rd fingers over so they press agaist your palm.

2 - Insert Your smallest finger and your Index finger into the Vag.

3 - Open these two fingers as wide as you can.

4 - insert your 2nd and 3rd fingers into the already gaping Vag

5 - Rub intensly or slowly for desired effect.

"Trust me, the girls fucking love it" - Ben Drain
Andy - "Dan, u get lucky last night?"

Dan - "Yes mate, Took home that slut"

Andy - U smash it?"

Dan - "Yes mate, proper BD'D it!"

Andy -"U gave her the BD ......Good lad!"
by Oh Gav! October 20, 2009

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