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Member of a political ideology on either side of the spectrum that refuses to debate, this is due to a lack of testosterone or a general belief in something without the underlying knowledge of its existence or consequences.

Often referred to as:
-Snow Flakes

- people who use #resist (in terms of pretending a democratic election didn't occur)
- White Supremacist (KKK)
-Black Supremacist (BLM)

- young students who disrespect freedom of speech

- Long term career politicians
"I was shooting the shit with martha about Trump and how the stock market is kicking ass, she told me he was the devil and she was "with her" and walked away..... shit i didnt know martha was a safe space observer, I better use the other water cooler"
by Obama hair June 21, 2017
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*Originally Twitter slang or dialect that with read aloud sounds like "white people" which is its actual meaning.

However, use of the word in derogatory forms on social media accounts by the BLM movement and memes, have recently turned the word into a "Racial Slur"
Wypipo, be great at saving dat cash fur retirement, yo.

Wypipo cant jump.
by Obama hair April 27, 2017
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