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a City in the predominantly wealthy Orange County, CA. has a population of around 80,000 and is one of the wealthiest communities in CA as well as the U.S. you know you are in newport beach when you enter the city and the makes of cars drastically change. every other car is a Benz or a BMW and you are guaranteed to see a couple of Bentleys or Ferrari's. a luxury shoppers paradise because it is home to Fashion Island mall and close to South Coast Plaza. both places you can spend more money on one outfit than most people's mortgages. almost all kids that live there are rich and half of kids drive nicer cars than the Staff. real estate is INSANE can't buy a single family home for less than 1 mill and some homes are worth over 20 million. home to some celebrities such as kobe bryant, john wayne, whitney houston, and nicolas cage. JEEZ, no wounder it's considered the Beverly hills OF OC.
hey you want to go shopping in Newport Beach?

nah i got a family to feed...
by oc boy January 14, 2010

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1) a wealthy beach community near Los Angeles and home to many celebrities.

2) a Chevrolet sedan.

3) a coconut flavored liquor that tastes pretty damn good. very popular with the ladies.
HAVE you ever drivin to MALIBU in a MALIBU while sippin MALIBU???


your lame...
by oc boy June 29, 2010

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