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The art of dragging a fart from one place to another. The individual may fart at original location, but the fart stays contained in the pants and as the individual walks to a different location, the fart is slowly leaked out the entire way.
We were at the grocery store today and Scottie did a dragger fart. He let it go in the bread aisle and dragged it all the way to the deli.
by O.E.G January 01, 2018

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Saran Wrap Blowjob
Scottie went to the local massage parlor. Mimi went to rub scottie’s winkee but Scottie signaled he wanted her to suck it. She ripped off some Saran Wrap and placed it over his one eye before proceeding with the SWBJ.
by O.E.G June 15, 2018

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One who habitually visits Asian massage parlors
Scottie has been down at the Asian massage joint 3 times this week. That kid is a raging parlor monger.
by O.E.G July 09, 2018

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A penis that is carrying an STD
I heard Johnny banged that slut raw the other night. Now there’s a good chance he has an infected mushroom.
by O.E.G November 25, 2019

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A person who is half Mexican and half jewish.
David met Yolanda and told Scottie he fell in love with her at first sight. Scottie asked if she was Mexican. David said yes and she is also Jewish. Scottie said, oh so she is a wetbrew? David replies yes.
by O.E.G August 11, 2019

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The art of farting in a location, leaving the location and returning minutes even sometimes hours later to the smell of the fart still going strong.
Scottie parked a fart today in the car on the way to the gas station. We stopped to pump gas, went inside and I got a coffee and he got some smokes. When we got back in the car it still smelled like ass.
by O.E.G February 18, 2018

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Another word for a fart usually used at younger ages
Oh jeez do you smell that? I think young Scottie did a pootay.
by O.E.G September 12, 2019

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