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An engine company that builds Diesel engines for semi trucks, ships, generators and Dodge Ram heavy duty pickups. They got famous to all the flat billed hat retards and the dopeity dope cocksuckers when they started shoving them into dodge shipping crate shitboxes. (up until 2002 where they changed the shit automatic to something that could actually handle the engine) You see dodge trucks with cummins engines either driving like a normal truck, pulling something like a heavy duty truck or with some 2 inch pecker retard that hasn't seen his cock since the Nixon administration driving it with a 6 inch lift kit and retarded 5 thousand dollar "mud tires" that will never leave the pavement. Dodge trucks rust away faster than the check engine light turns on in a 6 blow. The transmissions (automatic before 2002) break faster than your girlfriend leaves you when you tell her you bought a 6 liter power suck turbo faggot. Cummins engines don't need to be "bulletproofed" because the company that builds them has some fuckin brains in the tank and didn't shit on their hands and wipe it all over the blueprints.
"shit dude that dodge is so rusty I can see right through the side of the bed"
"must be a cummins only reason to buy a dodge"
by Numb ass March 24, 2019

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