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Ah yes, the world that takes place in genshin impact. It is a world that looks nice, you know, but it’s chaotic and a mess in the inside that requires a insanely powerful traveler to solve. There are also 7 nations with they’re own archon:

Sneznaya (seriously how do you spell this word)
Random person 1: you know that game genshin impact that takes place in teyvat?
Random person 2: yea
Random person 1: did you know that it’s really chaotic and something is going on but a mysterious traveler which only vision bearers and people who sell stuff personally know?
Random person 2: yea
Random person 1: why do you keep saying yea?
To be continued-
by Notagamergirl May 9, 2022
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A nation in genshin impact that is very advanced unlike the rest of teyvat. It’s based of Russia and only one character from there has been released which is childe
by Notagamergirl May 13, 2022
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The attraction towards fictional characters
Random person 1: hey have u heard abt notagamergirl (aka me)
Random person 2: yea
Random person 1: they are fictosexual
Random person 2: oh thats messed up
Me in the corner: sad noises
It isnt rlly talked abt fictosexual but if ppl heard of it they would probably confuse it with animesexual, which is another variation of fictosexual which for some reason isnt acepted
by Notagamergirl July 8, 2022
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A lot of people think that pyro is a mental illness, but that’s actually the informal way to say it. It actually means fire. A lot of people think it’s a mental illness bc of probably rlly popular games but it means fire. Infact, the game genshin impact uses the scientific meaning, which means fire (this is all from the web not entirely correct)
Person 1: hey! I played this game with tons of pyro!
Person 2: you mean fire, right
Person 1: wait what? No I mean pyro as insane people
Person 2: ohh, but that’s the informal way, the scientific meaning is fire
Person 1: ohhhhh
by Notagamergirl May 22, 2022
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A character from the game genshin impact. She will probably yeet you and maybe ruin your 50/50. Also, if Klee does something bad she’ll put her in solitary confinement.
Klee: Jean is scary
by Notagamergirl May 13, 2022
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