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A word often used by women claiming they are "anti-feminist" in order to gain man's trust and pressure them into rushing out and getting married, mostly against the man's will . Frequently used by advocates of unmarried women who complain they can't find a husband.
"Go find yourself a nice woman to marry...NAWALT"
by Not a Mangina August 26, 2017

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Someone, usually very narcissistic and patronizing, who charges lonely and desperate men large sums of money under the guise that they (the coach) can "magically" help the man pick up and attract women by giving advice. Dating coaches especially tend to favor uglier and weaker minded men as "clients".

A lot of the advice given by MOST dating coaches is not very effective (having the opposite results), and is likely to make the man come across as "creepy/stalkerish" or get the man into trouble. Some dating coaches even advise "begging" (ie pedestaling the woman to no return".
"I need a gf-so I am going to sign up for a dating coach"
by Not a Mangina September 08, 2017

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