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Is the coolest and cutest man alive and has a beautiful hairline. His math knowledge is unmatched and is loved by all. True definition of a God of trigonometry. Can also use 'horanized' or 'you just got horaned' as a reference to a roast and amazing math skills.
1.When i think of mr horan, i get sweaty
2.Aye lad you just got horaned
3.Please don't horanize me
by Noodle Muncher September 04, 2019

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He is a large south african boy who eats biltong and drinks milk as his diet. His ass is bigger than any girls and he is currently working at the gym to increase his boob size. He has a massive cowlick and braces and has a thing for Italians with a mix of English. His gf dominates him every saturday and he enjoys it
1. It's a Cameron Franic-Smith, he gets dominated all the time
by Noodle Muncher August 13, 2019

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A total fag that no one likes, his girlfriend BW doesn't love him and he has no friends.
1. Oi it's Max Wood, don't even chat to him he's a weirdo who licks motorbikes on Sunday
by Noodle Muncher August 12, 2019

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massive gimp from tangara and has rona has a fit cousin and her father is a national treasure. Has an unhealthy love of bowling.
1. Sarah 'The Gimp' Orlina is so strange aye
by Noodle Muncher October 09, 2020

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