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A butt slam is when a girl lays down in bed with her man, and she slams her butt into him. Butt slams are a plea for a midnight butt massage. Fierce begging includes multiple butt slams. When pleas are ignored for a simple, relaxing butt/hip massage, or upon being provoked to irritation, butt slamming also turns into a weapon of beating him up. A well-aimed butt slam can take any man out.

Butt slams are a more severe form of begging for a butt/hip massage than the butt wiggle.
"No more butt slams!!"

That's what I do to show my husband that I would like a massage, in the process of turning my back to him to lay down against him, my butt is purposely slammed into him. That is your que to touch!
by No-Respecks! December 13, 2009
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Barggle is an expression of emotion. It is used when mumbling incoherent grumbles of sounds to express the whatever irritation and complaint that your heart is feeling. Or it may be used when you are a combination of annoyed and sad. It signifies the very end of all of your emotional complaint.
Steph: Did you eat all of my chocolate cheesecake?

Andy: Yes, it was very delicious

Steph: BAHR!! I get no respeck 'round here! *whimpers* Barggle.
by No-Respecks! December 14, 2009
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The way that a girl who is being cute and adorable will pronounce "respect" when playing cutesy pretend-arguing with her man. It is like an intimate relationship pet-talk that isn't meant to be taken seriously.
"I dunno why I nevers get no respecks around here!"

"I get no respeck."
by No-Respecks! December 13, 2009
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