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when a police officer is trying to pull you over but you don't understand so you just keep driving and then when he finally gets you and asks for your registration you look in your glove compartment and there is a dead mouse and you don't know what a registration looks like
yeah this girl I pulled over today was a total crackhead.
by No nutt January 26, 2020

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A gen z or millennial women who despite her age acts like a complete Karen. Can often be found snitching on people, talking to the principal, and killing the vibes.

Likes: authority, teachers, snitching, homework

Dislikes: parties, fun, chill people just trying to live life
Dude the teacher wasn’t going to check the homework until Karen jr snitched.
by No nutt August 18, 2020

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A 14 day or two week period in which one dose not engage in sexual intercorse.
Man I haven’t had sex in like two weeks it’s been a fuck free fortnight.
by No nutt April 14, 2019

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