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The last independent ruler of the Incan empire (in Ecuador). When his father, Huayna Capac, passed away in 1525, the empire was divided amongst Capacs two sons, Atahualpa (received the North) and Huáscar (received the South). Immediately, Atahualpa rose above his brother Huáscar and killed him. Francisco Pizarro arrived with 130-250 men and 25-80 horses, which Atahualpa had never seen before, and imprisoned him. Soon after, Pizarro executed Atahualpa in 1533.
Some claim Huáscar to be the legitimate son of Huayna Capac and Atahualpa to be the illegitimate.
by Nina Michelle February 12, 2006
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A comedic musical derived from the motion picture "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" (1975), set during King Arthur's reign. The musical originally starred David Hyde Pierce, Simon Russel Beale, and Hank Azaria. The book, the music, and the lyrics were written in part by Eric Idle
Tickets for Spamalot were quite expensive in 2005.
by Nina Michelle December 27, 2005
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