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1) A device that attatches/is attatched to a balistic weapon that severely reduces the muzzle flash and sound waves that occur when the bullet is fired. This is possible by giving a large area for the hot gases to expand before it hits the cooler air, and provides an area for the flash to be contained.
2) An assasin that specializes in finding and eliminating a "Rat". Basically, a hitman.
I have a .22 rimfire pistol with a built-on silencer.
by Nikolai Nikitin July 26, 2007

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The status of being from the USA, technically anyone from Nprth America, but most people use the former term. America (USA) is fueled by a vast array of citizens, most are stereotypes by some other race/religon in there own country. The south tends to be more stereotypical, that doesnt mean ALL people are stereotypical. The Gaverment is corrupt, they are nothing but evil Hell-bound politicians that only care about themselves...proof? Dick Cheney and George Bush. America has so many laws pertaining to political correctness that it is slowly turning its citizens against it, can't even say "Under God" in the pledge in school. Alot of Americans are under false pretenses that "America is the best country ever!", when its not. Massive debt, corruption, rascism, and violence are not things to be proud of, unless your last name is Bush or Cheney.

Unfortunatly, most countries fall into destruction eventually.
A quick rise to power only means a quicker fall.

My name is Nikolai Nikitin, and I grew up in America to an American family for 10 years.
Dick Cheney.
George Bush.
American Patriot Act.
by Nikolai Nikitin August 09, 2007

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XBox 360's little white bitch
The wii is inferior to the 360.
by Nikolai Nikitin August 09, 2007

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