3 definitions by Nico H.

a guy who is paid to screw a woman. Basically, it's a male prostitute. Sells himself for money because he's a loser and can't get a girl friend so he tries to make himself feel good inside by screwing a girl. He tries so hard but still isn't happy so later in life he commits suicide by slitting his wrists an neck.
by Nico H. March 1, 2008
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a slutty whore who blows everything that walks.
by Nico H. March 1, 2008
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a canned pound of meat that says makes you beefy but really makes the stuff under your skin beef. You become over weight and when you bleed you bleed cow blood instead. Beef starts oozing out of cuts. Makes it more difficult to piss because of the beef clogging everything down there.
After I had some of this Beef Cake My cock is too heavy to get boners.
by Nico H. March 1, 2008
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